We use reward based methods for faster training.

Your dog will become a confident, enthusiastic learner.
We train every day skills for a well behaved dog and stop annoying habits,
such as jumping on guests, pulling on his leash, barking at the mailman etc.

Here are just a few of the things your dog will learn with us:


Sit 2

Come when called

come when called 2

Walking nicely

loose leash 2


Down and wait


Polite greeting

polite greet 3

Group Classes

Our simple and enjoyable lessons give your dog the Building Blocks which will be used to teach many new behaviors.
You will gain the skills and confidence to train your dog in the future, and your dog becomes enthusiastic to participate in training.
Basic skills covered include – Sit, stay, down, settle, come when called, loose leash walking, amongst others

Click Treat Play

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Private Training

In-home or community-based 1-on-1 sessions tailored to your needs.
We train where it's needed.
You want her to walk nice on the leash during walks - we train outdoors.
You want him to stop grabbing food from the counter - we train in the kitchen

How it Works
• You tell us your goals for your dog
• We develop a customized training plan
• We work with you to achieve your goals
• Individual training gives your dog the attention he/she needs
• The pace of training is based on your dogs responses and needs

Mini Groups

Our group classes are unique.
We bring our personalized classes to you.
We train at a location that is convenient for you, your friends, neighbors, and community groups.
We create customized training sessions to cover your specific needs.


Puppy Start Right

Prepare your puppy for a lifetime at your side.
Puppy socialization is a vaccination against future behavior problems.
Check out Puppy Start Right

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Click Treat Play proudly serves Forsyth County, including Cumming, GA.