We are completely focused on giving you and your dog the skills you need to have a great life together.



We are a good fit for you if:

  • You value a punishment-free training environment
  • You want your dog to be happy and confident
  • You would like a fun, stress-free, effective way to train your dog
  • You would like an interactive training environment where you can be involved
  • You would like a trainer who loves dogs and wants to see yours succeed
  • You want positive results

We customize the training for what you want your dog to achieve
and take the hassle out of the process, making training fun for you
and your dog

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Take a look at more of the benefits to our method:


Clicker Training Punishment Based Training
Anyone can do it Trainer must be strong/able enough
Fun for pet and trainer Can shut down learning
Works on all animals (dogs, cats, horses, fish, you name it!) Only works on animals that can be physically controlled
Pet can actively participate Pet is forced into behaviors
No unwanted side effects Can create emotional and behavioral problems for pet
Pet is allowed to demonstrate behavior Trainer tells animal how to behave/what to do
Seeks to encourage behavior Seeks to suppress behavior
Trainer allows animal to offer behavior Trainer tells animal what to do



Dedicated to the loving memory of Taff, our Border Collie


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Click Treat Play is Licensed and Registered in Forsyth County, GA and insured through Business Insurers of the Carolinas. We proudly serve in Forsyth County, including Cumming, GA.

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